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e3 Partners

Every year, we send hundreds of volunteers overseas to provide free medical, eye, and dental exams to communities where health care is not readily available. While meeting these tangible needs, we work with church-planting teams to present the Gospel and connect individuals with local congregations. Whether you’re a medical professional or just a concerned Christian, there are many opportunities to provide life-saving medical relief and promote HIV/AIDS awareness, Malaria prevention, and health education.


Portoviejo, Mexico

June 3-10, 2017 

We are recruting a team of medical professionals and followers of Jesus to go to Portoviejo, Ecuador, which was devastated by an earthquake last summer. Though relief and medical teams have been there, there are still many needs for medical services and a great need for the hope and healing that can only come from knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Chikwawa, Malawi

June 14-26, 2017

The Lord is pouring out His spirit in a great way in Malawi. He is raising up the national church to fulfill the Great Commission, and there is a great openness to the message.

Middle East - XB17D

June 15-25, 2017

This is a great opportunity to reach the Syrian people with the Gospel. If it were not for the war, we would have VERY little opportunity to talk to these people in their homes in Syria.

Juliaca, Peru

June 16-24, 2017

If you look up Juliaca on google you won't find much. Not far away is the city of Puno. There you will find much information especially about Lake Titticacca, the highest natural lake in the world.